About Us

VeganBurg, the world’s first 100% plant-based burger joint was founded in October 10, 2010. We are the pioneer in the global plant-based revolution while inspiring a worldwide change.


Totally redefining food pop culture and comfort food with its 100% plant based menu, VeganBurg is a full sensory experience. From seeing and feeling the raw industrial safari-themed interior design, smelling the aroma of your favorite comfort food, hearing the crackle of pan-grilled goodness, to tasting the perfect combination of our fiber-fueled bun, farm fresh greens, GMO free patty, and gourmet sauce. We have fused the concept of a sustainable fast food and serving plant-based burgers that are great in taste and nutritional in value.

At VeganBurg, every burger is bursting with wholesome and natural real flavor. Every bite is not just a set of nutritional value numbers–it’s a step towards an environmentally sustainable diet. Every meal is a contribution to a better world by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Burgers that make you and the planet happy.


We used to think that a plant based diet was impossible. We’ve always respected people’s diet and lifestyle choices. But as the world keeps churning pressing issues of climate change, we can’t help but wonder, if we continue with our current lifestyle and support the livestock industry at this rate, will our planet be sustainable? We decided it’s time to step up and raise awareness for our home. Since making that stand, we have never looked back. Our vision is to bring the burgers of the new generation to the table. Our focus has always been on making a plant-based burger inspiring and exciting. We are committed to making the most amazing burgers and to break the stereotype of burgers and push it’s envelope on what it could look, feel and taste. In short, we rock with vegan burgers and more!