Why VeganBurg


Welcome to VeganBurg, the burger of the new generation.

The world is chomping way more meat than our grandparents did back in their day. This is due to affluence and the rising demand for meat. Factory farming has become the root cause of global warming. What’s detrimental is that it’s also the number one cause of obesity, and on the other hand, people are suffering from hunger because of it. The problem is that we have more than enough food to feed everyone, but it’s not going to the right places. It’s going to the livestock industry, which is eventually supplied to the fast food industry. Lets face it, the fast food concept will continue to be a big chunk of our lifestyles, and it supports a growing population. We cannot change the fast food system, but we can change what goes into it.

I believe for change to happen, we must meet people where their current food choices and practices are. The solution is in a good vegan burger. By giving the world the most amazing vegan burgers through our restaurants, people will be able to make their own choice.

For those of you looking for an all-time favorite comfort food, VeganBurg offers you an equally tasty alternative. For those who want to embrace a plant based diet, VeganBurg will be your bridge to get there.

Wherever you are and however you want to do it, I invite you to start with Meat Free Monday. Whether it’s because you want to pump up your health, combat climate change, or because you love our furry friends, having a vegan meal is the best and easiest way to make a positive impact.

The power is yours and you can make the choice to do more.

Here’s a toast to the future,